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Serving Greensboro and Our Surrounding Communities | Please call us any time at 336.886.PETS (7387)

Duke Myers

March 25, 2024
We were blessed to have Duke for 14 years. He came into our lives very unexpectedly one snowy night. He had been left outside for hours when we found him in our neighbors yard. My husband told me to go inside and then 10 minutes later came in the house and said he is ours now. As soon as we got him cleaned up and sat him down, he immediately started playing with our black lab, Kenya. It was like he had been apart of the family forever. Duke was sweet, loving and stubborn. He loved laying on higher objects and furniture but would lay on anything, honestly, even power tools!  We called him our construction dog because he was not phased by any of our home remodeling. He loved to sleep on drop cloths and wound up drop cords. Anything that hit the floor, he would immediately lay on and sleep for hours. He would growl to show happiness, excitement and when people would pet him. He would lean his body into the person petting him and growl while shaking his body back and forth to get a deeper pet or scratch. We would always have to tell people, “he isn’t growling out of anger, it’s his way of communicating.” Our friends and family thought it was hilarious, and it was! It was the most unusual thing but it made Duke, Duke. Duke loved lettuce, celery but his favorite treat was carrots.
When Kenya passed, we were devastated. It took us two years to get another dog. We thought it would be good for Duke. We brought this little puppy home, and named her Tula. Duke had no interest but Tula was obsessed with Duke. She would follow him everywhere and try curling up with him in his little dog bed. It wasn’t until Tula’s first growth spurt that we caught Duke curled up to her asleep. The rest was history. They didn’t go a night without each other. Every outing, side by side. Duke lost his hearing a few years ago. It was tough on us but did not phase him. He was such a stoic dog till the very end. We will miss Duke so much but know he is no longer suffering. I am sure he is up in Heaven playing with Kenya now 🐾🤍

Duke Myers crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Monday, March 25, 2024.

Cremation arrangements entrusted to Triad Pet Cremation and Cemetery, Greensboro, NC.

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Andrea Strauss
March 28, 2024 8:09 pm

Sweet little Duke will be missed by us all. Such a great snuggler and terrible at group walks! 💕 Missing his happy growls already!

Deb and Gary Hattaway
March 28, 2024 8:10 pm

What an amazing tribute to an amazing dog. Nana and Pawpaw Hattaway will miss you… Come meet us when it’s our time! 🤗💕🙏