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Serving Greensboro and Our Surrounding Communities | Please call us any time at 336.886.PETS (7387)

Jake McCoy

December 30, 2023

Jake McCoy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Saturday, December 30, 2023.

2 things that always stuck out with me and my wife about Jake was that he was somewhat feral but at the same time he loved his owners because we took very good care of Jake.  Jake also would defend and attack anyone that he thought was causing any harm to his fellow cats in the home which one of them was his sister that came from the same litter 17 years ago. Because of Jake being so high strung, his blood pressure was high and it caused him to loose both his eyes and he had to be put on blood pressure medicine which made Jake a very very special cat to the McCoy family.  Not at any point did we hesitate to give Jake all the tender love and care he needed and he thrived over the next 3 years with his blindness, Jake adjusted very well and it was hard to tell he was blind if you didn’t already know, he did everything a cat with sight did.  On that sad evening on the 30th of December 2023, my Wife was getting ready to feed the cats, as usual Jake followed the sound of the other cats with his tail up.  My wife went to look for the bowl that was missing and when she went back in the area to feed, Jake had fell over and started seizing and my wife did all she could and tried to get Jake to  the Vet but it was to late.  We both know as Christian people that all things happen for a reason, but we also realize that we have Hope that we will be reunited again with Jake in the Earth made new, which we are truly looking forward to that day.  For now there is definitely and piece missing from our family which God is giving us strength to carry on day by day, but we truly thank God for the time He allowed us to take care of Jake.
“How we treat animals reveals our true nature.  When we have power over others, we display who has power over us.  Satan’s nature destroys, but Christ’s nature ends suffering and protects the helpless”.  Me and my wife truly thank you guy’s for the service that you offer, which is truly a comfort to the families that have lost there four legged childrenEmoji

Cremation and Burial arrangements entrusted to Triad Pet Cremation and Cemetery, Greensboro, NC.

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