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Serving Greensboro and Our Surrounding Communities | Please call us any time at 336.886.PETS (7387)

Jesse Rinehuls

July 31, 2023

Jesse Rinehuls crossed over The Rainbow Bridge July 31, 2023 and in my mind…..way too early. Jesse was born on April 18th, 2008 with his sister, Sally, and two sibling sisters outside our home a few feet away in our neighbors yard. My neighbor, and dear kindred spirit, and I cared for a feral colony together and the kittens came from the sweetest ferals I had named Samanthat and Lindsey.  After the little ones were weaned we had their parents spayed and neutered. We adopted Jesse and his sister Sally and our neighbor adopted their two sisters. How wonderful to watch siblings grow up together, that was a first for us, and to see that Jesse and Sally were so much like their sisters next door.

The first time I saw these babies I reached out and picked up teeny tiny Jesse and he let out the loudest scream for such a tiny (if even a half a pound) kitten. I held him and his little legs were going and claws out. I told him he was just ferocious and did a very good job of scaring me away! They would be outside with the colony for a bit and we were definitely concerned for their safety. He had that “scream” his whole life when he went in the car to go to the VET.
Jesse was full of personality and just the sweetest, docile, cuddliest, talkative Chocolate Tabby (and very exotic) there ever was . He was always such a tiny cat and very busy his whole 15 years with us. He liked to “help” with anything and everything. One time our plumber was replacing the seal on the powder room toilet and Jesse helped him by jumping on his back and looking over his shoulder. I walked by and saw it (wish I’d had my camera) and told our plumber I was sorry…he said “it’s ok, he isn’t bothering me”. So that is the day Jesse became a plumber. He helped with ALL computer work and any and all paperwork, especially making appointments for my clients. He helped his Dad play his guitar and looked after his fish in our aquarium. He frequently “mowed” the cat grass we grew for our kids and was a very good landscaper. He was a “tree” cat and wanted to be at eye level with us and jumped to the top of shelves to explore. He loved catnip and toys that were on “fishing poles” and loved when his Dad played with him- “The String Game”.
Jesse is deeply missed. A huge void is in our home and in our hearts. With both Jesse and Sally gone- so close together- my heart is broken. I yearn for these precious lives so much and I am so honored and humbled to have been their Mom. I know it takes time to heal and I take one day at a time…
Fran Rinehuls

Jesse crossed over the rainbow bridge on Monday, July 31, 2023.

Funeral service & cremation arrangements entrusted to Triad Pet Cremation & Cemetery of Greensboro, NC.

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