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Serving Greensboro and Our Surrounding Communities | Please call us any time at 336.886.PETS (7387)

Sally Rinehuls

October 9, 2023

Sally Rinehuls crossed over The Rainbow Bridge Monday October 9th, 2023 and in my mind and heart….way too early. Sally and her brother, Jesse, were born outside our home a few feet away in our neighbors yard with two other kittens on April 18th, 2008. My neighbor and dear kindred spirit and I cared for a feral colony together and the kittens came from the sweetest ferals I had named Samantha and Lindsey. After the little ones were weaned we had their parents spayed and neutered. We adopted Sally and her brother and our neighbor adopted their two siblings. How wonderful to watch siblings grow up together and how wonderful to see that Sally and Jesse’s sisters next door were so much like them. Sally captured my heart the moment I saw her. A tiny little white and black kitty with a “magic eraser” tail and a butterfly on her back. My heart yearned for her and as it turned out …we cared for each other the whole 15 1/2 years. She was my girl and loved it when I called her My Sweet Princess and she was ALL ABOUT her Mom.

Sally loved “making biscuits” all throughout the day and loved a good fluffy fleece blanket. If I sat down, she was right there by my side making biscuits. We may starve without her! She loved “doing laundry” and would stand by our stackable unit and look up at the dryer and meow. She seemed to know when there were warm things in there. Sometimes the dryer would be empty and I would tell her that I would go get some laundry for her- get her favorite blanket and put it in there. I’d lift her up and she would go to town making biscuits.

Sally was my Muse as an artist and sat by my side in my studio. ….always! At the moment, I don’t know how I’m going to begin to start artwork without her. I am heartbroken. I miss my baby. I miss her precious meow and I miss how talkative she was. I am truly honored and humbled that God chose us to be her family, for her life truly touched ours in so many ways. Her favorite “friends” to cuddle during CatNaps were Pink Bunny and Polly Possum. She loved drinking from one of the several water fountains we have and was a true connoisseur of Fancy Feast wet food. She was an avid reader as she would lay by my side whenever I was reading a book. She was a big fan of ribbons attached to a bouncy stick and loved playing soccer in her youth.
There was only one Sweet Sally in the world and we were lucky to be loved by her. There is a big void in our home and in our hearts.

Sally Rinehuls crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Monday, October 9, 2023.

Cremation arrangements entrusted to Triad Pet Crematory and Cemetery Greensboro, NC.

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